Friday, December 15, 2006

Learning German

How many words do you think you know in English. I probably guess some 10,000.
How many words would I know in Tamil. Min same nearly 10,000
How many words do I know in Hindi may be 1000
How many words do I know in Kanada may be 50
How many words would I know in Malayalam may be 10
How many words would I know in German ---- a Ooophing 700.

Yes, I am learning German and I am sure, I will be able to exceed 2000 in may be 3 months. Is that a OK target. Well, time will say.

Has anyone done a research on How words a Human brain can remember. May be I should go googling.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Haircuts in Germany

Ha... Ha... name it pain or pleasure.. getting a haircut done is a unique experience in Germany.

People search for the billiger shop (cheap shop in German). Average is 12 Euro. Other prices could be 10,8 Euro... If you are patient enough to comb through the German streets you may find a Turkish shop which may cut for 6 Euros.

We can easily say guess the duration of onsite with the hair cut a person has got (even if he bluffs).

No haircut - business visit (he will surely return in 20 days)
Usual Haircut as in India before a onsite trip - 2 months - 3 months
Machine cut - definitely its more than 6 months.

(After reading my research....So, next time a guy walks up and says I am going onsite, do not be too quick to see his haircut and ask him... Oh!Good for 6 months! all the best)

Well the reason behind this expensive hair cut is that there is no job in Germany which is paid low. Every person gets paid more or less the same... be it engineer or a hair stylist. (Hold, a minute. Did she really give a style to my hair. Nope. The Indian haircut is too strange for her and unusal)

And if you could notice the change of gender in the couple of lines before... Yes... now you know #Why I said hair cut in germany is a pain or pleasure take it either way'

oh... oh... It will be injustice not to mention the a small research work which my Indian friends did. One of my friends said he got a hair cut for FREE. (What.... unbelievable). He said we found a place where the hair stylists took training and he literally 'offered' his head for a practice session. (Hmmm... should add this point in the travel tips for colleagues)

Well, for all those who think we are stingy. Think again. There are Germans who ask their wife to give a hair cut and they return it for her. Ha... Ha... It is one of the last things one would think doing in Indian family system.

And today when I asked the hair stylist to make a proper straight cut at the rear side... (oouch, its difficult in english to type this....) she said.... Wann eine a Frau sagt es it besser, 'kook mal',(showed the mirror again and said) schoen? I said. 'Ja.Ja.Danke'. (drooling)

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Finding Ourselves

I was reading my friends blog and he has a sown seed of thought in me. Where did we loose ourselves? Are we searching ourselves? Will we ever find ourselves?

Honestly speaking these are some questions which I have asked myselves many times and I am sure each person would have asked himself/herself. Each time, I attempt to answer these questions and feel that I have found the answer, its hard to stay the course. It seems so near, but still far apart. I think we lost ourselves, when we started TO THINK ABOUT THE FUTURE IN THE PRESENT. In the process, WE FORGOT TO LIVE THE PRESENT. We (sorry let me not generalise) I have lost the present. Does having a goal or vision harm us to this extent. No, not really. The point is whether the accomplishment of the goal or vision is going to benefit you or the others. Real pleasure lies in giving and not taking. The pleasure that comes by taking is short lived. Sounds philosphical..... well when If the question sounds philosphical so will be the answer.
I think I have found myself. I am going to switch gears to the Art of Giving. Now, I will write my experience again after a month about ART OF GIVING. Whether it was easy,fruitful and whether the search for ourselves ends or its a road to nowhere.

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