Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Finding Ourselves

I was reading my friends blog and he has a sown seed of thought in me. Where did we loose ourselves? Are we searching ourselves? Will we ever find ourselves?

Honestly speaking these are some questions which I have asked myselves many times and I am sure each person would have asked himself/herself. Each time, I attempt to answer these questions and feel that I have found the answer, its hard to stay the course. It seems so near, but still far apart. I think we lost ourselves, when we started TO THINK ABOUT THE FUTURE IN THE PRESENT. In the process, WE FORGOT TO LIVE THE PRESENT. We (sorry let me not generalise) I have lost the present. Does having a goal or vision harm us to this extent. No, not really. The point is whether the accomplishment of the goal or vision is going to benefit you or the others. Real pleasure lies in giving and not taking. The pleasure that comes by taking is short lived. Sounds philosphical..... well when If the question sounds philosphical so will be the answer.
I think I have found myself. I am going to switch gears to the Art of Giving. Now, I will write my experience again after a month about ART OF GIVING. Whether it was easy,fruitful and whether the search for ourselves ends or its a road to nowhere.

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